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BonjouLovelies ! 

Let's talk about hair, let's talk about eyebrows in today's blogpost ! And more precisely let's talk about tweezers. So basically as you may have noticed I will not make an entire review on that tweezers.  

First of all, I would like to "apologize"(well I am not really sorry though!) about the physical aspect of La Tweez. I usually take pictures on the products I want to review on my Blog as soon as I get them. But since I did not think I would blog this, the tweezer was in my purse for months now. 

Long story short (cause I'm not going to talk about tweezers for hours am I ?) La Tweez is very handy depending on the situation (if you're getting ready for a night out or somewhere with no lights), the packaging is nice (mine are pink, but you can also find it in other colors) and the mirror inside is very handy as well even if it is tiny. 
However if you'd ask me, I'd tell you that despite its handy/girly side, these tweezers are "gadget" if you know what I mean. Adding to the fact that these tweezers cost around 15€ (which is, to me, a little expensive for tweezers). 

What do you think ? Do you have one ? Would you buy one ? 

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