First Impressions : The Fan-tastic Volume Mascara By Bourjois (video inside)

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BonjouLovelies !  

Recently I was on a hunt for a brand new mascara when I saw the Fan-tastic Volume mascara by Bourjois in my local drugstore. Don't know if it was the color (I LOVE purple!) or its general aspect but this mascara caught my eye ! Adding to that its attractive price (around 8€). 
That is why I decided to buy it and to do a First Impressions video on that Bourjois mascara. 
I have never read any review on that product before so my mind was completely clear of any "bad or good impressions" which is a good point. 

Where to find it : Drugstores 
Price : from 8 to 10 € (around 7£ / 11$)

Picture taken at the end of the day

All my (first) impressions are in the video so I'm not going to say anything, just watch it and you will know my impressions and thoughts on that mascara :) 

Video : 

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