First Impressions + Swatches : Double Touch Lipsticks (10-hour Lipsticks) by Kiko Cosmetics (Video Inside)

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BonjouLovelies ! 

Today's video is a First Impressions video (my very first!) on the Double Touch Lipsticks (10-hour lipsticks) by Kiko Cosmetics. 
In this blogpost you will see my thoughts on that product and my swatches of the two lipsticks I own. 

Where to find them ? Boutiques or on
Price ? £6.90

What the brand says about them (source : 

Liquid lipstick duo with shining effect. Lasts up to 10 hours*.

An extraordinary combination of colour base and lipgloss with an intense, luminous finish. The colour adheres to the lips and stays on for hours.
Colour base: its formula, enriched with a combination of film-forming polymers, ensures maximum comfort, exceptional adherence to the lips and an even, ultra long-lasting colour. 
Its soft, flocked applicator follows the contour of the lips and outlines them with maximum precision. 
Special no-transfer texture that is smudge-proof and dries very quickly.

Lipgloss: a soothing-action formula to give the lips a luminous and shiny finish.
Its bristle applicator makes it easy to apply and ensures the use of just the right amount of product.

My first impressions on that product in video : 

(Video coming soon) 

Swatches :  

As you can see, on the picture above, when I swatched the lipsticks I decided to test them even more and to take a shower with the swatch on my hand. I can tell you now that even if I scrubbed it with my shower gel, it did not move at all (as you can see on the last picture above) ! 

Double Touch Lipstick 108 - Double Touch Lipstick 107


- They last all day long (as you can see in the video) 
- Affordable 
- Handy Packaging (both lipstick and top coat are in one product)

aspects : 

- Could have a sticky feeling if we do not apply the step 2 (top coat)
- Not so much shades yet  
- Could dry out the lips if we do not apply the top coat (but not something you cannot stand though)  

I know what you are going to think : 3 positive aspects and 3 negative ones; these products are not worth it. That is not as simple ! I have to admit that the positive aspects are way more important than the negatives ones. And by that I am telling you that these lipsticks are amazing ! I love them and I will be repurchasing more shades for sure ! So basically I do recommend these lipsticks. 
The only hesitation I have is the fact that I tried the shade 107 the other day, and it seemed to 
fade throughout the day (more than the 108) but since it is more of a nude shade, it doesn't really matter. 

What about you ? What do you think of these Double Touch Lipsticks by Kiko ?

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