Sephora Birthday Gift Palette

1:05 PM Anaelle 2 Comments

BonjouLovelies ! 

The last time I went to a Sephora store, I finally had the opportunity to go and get my Sephora Birthday Gift Palette. My Birthday is in March so, you know, it was time to go get it ! 
So here is the little palette I got (and the swatches) : 

To be completely honest (as I always am) I have not tested the product yet, just swatched it so I can't really tell you if they last on the eyes/lips/chicks. 

But because I swatched them, what I can tell you is that they are not really pigmented. I had to go back a few times to have something pigmented on my arm. But, you know, it is a gift so let's not be that demanding and picky !

This being said, the colors aren't that bad. I mean, there is a nude color for the eyes, a black, and two middle colors. And for the lipsticks, a pinky nude and a red (even if they are translucent). I am just surprised by the blush color (orange), I guess I would have expect a pink one, not that I am complaining because I love orange blushes ! 

What about you ? If you have this palette, what do you think of it ? 

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  1. Great item i love it, it was pretty small compared to the picture, but it is nice and it fits properly, i used
    sephora discount coupon codes for buying that stuff.

    1. Yes, it is small :)
      But I don't get it, you buy it ? This was given to me as a birthday gift from Sephora, so it was free :)