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BonjouLovelies !  

If you follow my Blog for a certain time, you probably know that in February I went to London to attend the BeautyCon (Beauty Convention for YouTubers and Bloggers). Some of you may remember the fact that Goodies Bags have been given to us. So today I am going to "review" one of them : Balance Me's Hand Cream

Price : around £10 - $13

To be completely honest with you (as always), I did not try out this hand cream personally. Why ? Simply because I did not like the scent of it. It smells like essential oils. For those of you who know the scent, you probably know that it is a strong scent. It is either you like it or not. I personally don't. 
So I decided to give the hand cream to my mother so she can try it out (because she loves the scent!). 
That is what she did, and she told me that the Balance Me's cream did its job. So apparently, despite its strong scent the hand cream does its job; it moisturizes the skin well. Another good point is its composition: 98,8% of the components have natural origin. 
I personally won't be repurchasing it though because I am not fond of its scent. 

What about you ? Do you know this brand ? 

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