Best Red Lipstick in the World ! (video inside)

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BonjouLovelies !   

Firstly I would like to announce you that I decided to change my uploading days on my YouTube channel. From now on, I will upload a new video twice a week: every wednesday and every saturday. If this schedule is convenient for me and of course if you are happy with it as well, I might consider uploading three videos a week, but let's start with two ! 

Secondly, I would also like to blog more often. To be completely honest, I already have DOZEN of blogposts scheduled: I have ideas and pictures but I have to write the actual post (and I have to say, this is not an easy task). On the long run, I would like to blog 5 days a week. 

Anyway, let's talk about the lipstick shall we ? 

I let you watch the video I made on the lipstick, in which I explain its advantages (I also apply it just to show you how tricky it could be). 

Characteristics of the lipstick: 

(Oh and just so you know, I'm planning to write a blogpost on this lipstick in january (and the other shade I own) with a complete review and swatches. So stay tuned on my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram accounts or visit my Blog to be updated !) 

Brand : Sephora 
Name : Cream Lip Stain 
Shade : 01 Always Red 
Price : 10.90 € / $ 13.00
Where to find it: in stores or on 

Now that I gave you my little secret for the perfect red lips, let me know what is your favorite lipstick of all time and the reasons why you cannot do without it ! 

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