First Impression - Twist Up the Volume Waterproof Mascara from Bourjois (video inside)

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Bonjour Lovelies ! 

If you are like me, then you think that mascara is THE final touch of a makeup. Without it, the makeup looks unfinished and incomplete. That is why, I do care about the mascara I use and to be completely honest, I rarely change the brand of my mascara when I am fully satisfied with a product. There are two reasons that could make me change: the first one is if I see/read a very good review on a mascara and the second reason is when my favorite mascara runs out of stock. Unfortunately, that is what happened recently. Anyway, this is a first impression video on the Twist Up the Volume waterproof mascara from Bourjois. 

However, before you watch the video, here are some pictures of the result (with one and then two coats of the mascara). 

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