Birthday Wishlist - Wishlist Wednesday

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Bonjour Lovelies ! 

In today's blogpost I decided to introduce a new series : Wishlist Wednesday. Basically, every now and then, I will write a blogpost, on wednesdays, to talk about products I would like to buy. I am not going to write Wishlist Wednesday blogposts every wednesday because I am not that tempted by beauty products, but I sure will write them regularly. 

Anyways, let's get back to today's wishlist. Some of you may know that, but my birthday is on saturday (yaaaaaay) so I decided to make a little wishlist of things I would like to have/I may purchase (a gift to myself!). So here are the products (most of them are beauty products, otherwise, I would have upload this blogpost on my other Blog):  

1. Velvetines lipsticks - Lime Crime. Some of you told me about them under my video called (Best red lisptick in the world, the French version) and how you love these beauties and you succeded in convincing me that I need to own them! If I am right, there only are 3 colors so my first purchase will probably be the shade Suedeberry but on the long run, I will purchase the other two (only if I am as amazed as you are with Suedeberry). 

2. The tangle teezer. There are many colors of this hairbrush but I have to say that I prefer the black one, sober and simple.  

3. The Velvet Matte Lip Pencils - Nars. In the shades Damned and Dragon Girl and why not a nude one (but I am not sure about it, I still have to check out swatches to make up my mind). 

4. Canon Len 50mm f/1.8. I heard/read a lot of positive reviews on that lens and since I want to improve the quality of my pictures and my videos, this lens seems to be the perfect match for my needs. 

5. And last but not least: Translucent Loose Powder - Laura Mercier. Elsamakeup, a French Youtuber who has an amazing channel, talked about that powder and told us how she absolutely adore that powder. I already tried out the Stay Matte Powder from Rimmel, and I was not convinced by it so let's hope this one is as great as I heard ! 

So that's it for my Birthday Wishlist, what about you? Do you have some beauty products on your wishlist? (maybe you can give me new ideas who knows!) 

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