Primark Haul - Fall Edition | by a French Girl

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Each time I got the chance to go shopping in a Primark shop, I got a little excited to show you everything I bought. Because we have to drive for an hour and a half, we cannot go to Primark whenever we want. 
Here is a little Haul for you! 

Gold Candle: 4€
Mugs: 2€
Fairy Lights: 4€ each
Gold Cushions: 6€ each 
Necklaces: 6€ each 
Pyjama/Pajama bottom: 7€ 
Pyjama/Pajama Top: 3€
The top I don't know how to call: 12€
Wool Cardigan: 19€ 
White T-Shirt: 10€ 
Jeans: 15€ 
Jeggins: 8€ 

Do you have a Primark shop near where you live? 

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