GimmeBrow by Benefit Cosmetics in Medium Deep. Review and Swatches

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Before I started my Blog and my YouTube channel, I had never been into enhancing my brows. I had never put any makeup on them whatsoever. All I did was plucking them every now and then. The more I learnt about makeup, the more I found it essential to enhance my brows. 
Since I'm far from being a makeup artist, I decided to go for a simple "tool" to use: a brow mascara. 
I heard a lot of good things on the Gimme Brow from Benefit Cosmetics so I placed an order on to make up my own mind.

 $24 (on and
£18.50 (on 
2 shades 
0.10 oz

On the following pictures, I decided to show you what to expect with one and then two coats of the product. I only apply one coat of the Gimme Brow on a daily basis but I tend to apply two coats (or so) when I do heavier makeups (for a night out for instance). 
On the pictures, you will see the shade is a little bit too dark for me and my actual hair color. 

Overall, I absolutely love this product! It's perfect for me since I do not need to redraw my brows, I only need a little help to enhance them. If you don't have a lot of hairs, I would not recommend this product but if you are like me, you would probably love the Gimme Brow mascara. 
I like the fact that the application is very easy and more importantly, it does not take a lot of time to apply (let's face it, we don't have time in the morning to spend 30 minutes trying to have perfect eyebrows!). I also love the brush, little and perfect for thin or bigger eyebrows. 

So in the end, the only downside is probably the price (or at least in France since it's 26€). But I usually wait for a Sephora coupon code so I only pay 20€. Oh and maybe what would be great is that Benefit decide to launch more shades because two is probably not enough (just saying :)). 

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