How to: from Brown to Grey hair at home (step by step) | By a French Girl

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Step by step: 

1- Bleaching 2/3 of my hair (I did not want to bleach my ends since they already were bleached and damaged due to my tie and dye). 
Creme developer Vol.30 from Coiffeo + Blue bleach powder from Coiffeo: 45 minutes MAX. 

After doing this, I washed my hair with silver/purple shampoo from Biorene and I used the CC Brass Color Correction from Jacques Dessange for 45 minutes as well. 

2- After a few days where I let my hair "breathe and rest" a bit (trust me, this was needed!) I bleached it again using the exact same products I used in step 1. I just left the CC Brass Color Correction for 1h+ instead of 45 minutes. 

1 or 2 days after that, I used coconut oil as a treatment for my hair. I massaged the oil into my hair and left it overnight and then washed my hair the next day. 

3- For this step, I wanted to work on the yellow tones. That is why I decided to apply Luocolor from l'Oréal Professional (even if it did not work as well as I thought it would). 
I mixed two "shades": P0 and P01. 
Luocolor Creme developer (special one) + Luocolor P0 + Luocolor P01 

A few days after that, I left the CC Brass Color Correction for 2 and a half hours and then washed my hair. 

4- To make sure my hair did not come out yellow, I used silver/purple shampoo AND the CC Brass Color Correction hair care everytime I washed my hair. This was very constraining since I had to leave the color correction for at least 2 hours each time. More over, the silver/purple shampoo did dry out my hair. 

It is recommended that you seek the advice of a professional if you do not know your hair. I have colored/bleached it for 10 years now so I obvioulsy know how it reacts to bleach, that is why I tried this at home. If you are not sure or if you are unexperienced, just go to a hair salon and ask for advice.  

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